There are three different replication methods built into VolSync. Choose the method that best fits your use-case:

Rclone replication

Use Rclone-based replication for multi-way (1:many) scenarios such as distributing data to edge clusters from a central site.

Restic backup

Create a Restic-based backup of the data in a PersistentVolume.

Rsync replication

Use Rsync-based replication for 1:1 replication of volumes in scenarios such as disaster recovery, mirroring to a test environment, or sending data to a remote site for processing.

Syncthing replication

Use Syncthing-based replication for multi-way (many:many), live, eventually consistent data replication in scenarios where the data is spread-out and updated in real-time, such as a wiki application, or a private distributed file-store.


VolSync supports several types of triggers to specify when to schedule the replication.


VolSync exposes a number of metrics that permit monitoring the status of replication relationships via Prometheus.